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Stemmacantha centauroides previously Centaurea ‘Pulchra Major’

Affectionately known around the nursery as ‘The Galloping Major’. An attractive form, both in bud, or fully unfurled, and worthy of a place in a sunny border.

Jagged grey green foliage supports stiff flower stems topped by globular buds the size of a bantam egg. Each bud is a structural triumph of overlapping bronzy scales with metallic sheen. Warmer days coax the first signs of purple filaments from the top of the casing like unruly hair emerging from a hat, and the rest quickly follow to develop a fine thistle–like flower.

HEIGHT/SPREAD: 70cm x 40cm.

ORIGINS: Europe and Western Asia.

SOIL: Well-drained garden loams, neutral to alkaline.

SEASON: June-July.

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Stemmacantha centauroides

Stemmacantha centauroides

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