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Planting Advisory Service

  • Experienced advice available to help resolve any planting issues.
  • A one hour 1 to 1 meeting can save several hours of deliberation and works to ensure your chosen stock is available when required.
  • Phone for Chris Marchant 01491 575075 for full details or to make an appointment.


"Much of being creative is about dialogue and yet, as gardens designers, many of us either work alone or in small, floating practices. Orchards Dene's Planting Design Consultancy, which I have found to be generous with its ideas and sensitive to my own, plays an important part in maintaining and refreshing my planting portfolio. I would recommend it highly to new designers, if slightly daunted by the excellent catalogue, and to more experienced designers, mindful of keeping up with current trends."
Sean Swallow, Garden Designer.

"We have found Chris's planting advisory service invaluable when compiling our plant palette for large projects. She takes into consideration the practicality of the wish list, budgetary parameters, seasonal and cultural restrictions with the big bonus of being able to suggest some real gems that enhance the planting theme."
Thomas Hoblyn, Thomas Hoblyn Design Associates.

"The Planting Advisory Service offered by Chris Marchant is a great way to get fresh ideas for planting schemes. Her vast knowledge of the plant material currently (and especially newly) available to the designer allows Chris to make well-informed suggestions for plant combinations appropriate to any site or aspect, while her experience of the plants in their native habitat inspires confidence in the palette she suggests. With an eye to the architecture of the house and the style of the design Chris is able to create wonderfully appropriate planting designs, suggesting beautiful new combinations of varieties that even experienced designers might not consider. Even if you have the outline of a planting scheme, a discussion at Orchard Dene can help to refine and expand the design, introducing new subtleties and interest. Having used the Service I can thoroughly recommend it - the time spent is amply repaid in inspiration and expanded knowledge - I treat it as tax-deductible CPD!"
Paul Ridley, Paul Ridley Design Associates.

"We are a small garden design practice who pride ourselves on out planting expertise. We have found the Orchard Dene Planting Advisory Service helpful when faced with a particular new or unfamiliar planting challenge, or on some occasions simply to run our ideas passed a more experienced eye. In every case we have found the advice to be valuable and affirming. We would not hesitate to recommend the service to other garden designers."
Vanessa Faulkner, Coleby and Faulkner Garden Design and Planting.

"The Planting Advisory Service has not only saved me a huge amount of time spent on planting plans, but also, because of Chris Marchant’s knowledge and experience of perennials, introduced me to plants that I would not otherwise have thought of using."
James Bolton, Landscape Designer

"I've known and worked with Chris and Toby Marchant since creating my first gardens in the early 1990s. They have always provided superb plants, invaluable advice and have played a vital part in the planning and execution of many successful show gardens including Best in Show at Chelsea two years in succession. Their wisdom of plants in their native habitat is matched by an artistic approach to everything they do. This creativity, together with a tireless quest to experiment and keep things fresh, emboldens dithering designers to make the best of any given situation."
Cleve West, Landscape Designer

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We are an Oxfordshire based wholesale nursery, established in 1986 and producing hardy perennials, grasses and ferns in peat free compost to the highest of standards of health and vigour.

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