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Melica altissima ‘Alba’

Although relatively simple and seemingly unglamorous in its own right, this plant has the capacity to bring alive a whole range of informal border compositions.

There are distinct tactile and kinetic elements to its charm. Flowers, like so many individual grains of white rice, are suspended on slender wiry stems and tremble in the slightest breeze. Threaded through other woodland flowerers, they impart a light, transparency and texture. Either isolated specimen, or more generous swaying clump, they make a good contrast bounced along the course of a woodland path.

HEIGHT/SPREAD: 60cm x 30cm.
ORIGINS: Found in alkaline woodlands across Europe to Russia.
SOIL: Prefers well-drained alkaline to neutral soil in shady aspect. Drought tolerant but resents excessive winter wet.
SEASON: April-June.

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Melica altissima 'Alba'

Melica altissima 'Alba'

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