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Heliopsis scabra ‘Summer Nights’

The name correctly conjours the dramatic contrast of golden flowers and dark burgundy stems which make this plant so exciting. First seen in the perennial trials gardens at Hermanshoff in Germany, we made note to add this to the nursery palette. Plants have a tendency to grow rather tall, and early season pruning makes little impression. We have resolved the problem by constructing hazel-twig frameworks through which the plants strain upwards, yet stay invisibly supported. Selective dead-heading will prolong the flowering display.

HEIGHT/SPREAD: 175cm x 50cm.

ORIGINS: Heliopsis are native to open prairies and scrubs of USA and Mexico.

SOIL: Most fertile garden loams with moisture retention.

SEASON: June-Sept.

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Heliopsis scabra 'Summer Nights'

Heliopsis scabra 'Summer Nights'

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